Blow up your next unproductive meeting!


Disrupt your meetings like never before. Challenge your coworkers to turn your ordinary, dull meeting into a productive and rewarding meeting for everyone.

We’ve all been there, another meeting that’s going nowhere, just hashing over the same information again and again. Now you can turn these colossal wastes of time into the kinds of meetings that move good projects forward and kill bad projects in their tracks.

Just open the Meeting Bomb app and it will provide you with one of hundreds of intelligent, thoughtful and disruptive quotes you can say to the team to completely change the dynamic of the meeting. These quotes have been honed by a team of executives who have spent far too many hours in bad meetings.

You can challenge an assumption:

It’s obvious that we’ve lost the customer here. What problem are we solving for them?”

Or suggest a pathway to success:

Could we apply gamification techniques to this idea?”

Or even “blow up” the meeting: “Tell me more about that, because we really need to spend more time in this meeting instead of actually building something.”

Meeting Bomb is simple to use. Just open the app to see your first quote. If it’s not what you need for the moment, just click the “Bomb Me Again!” button to load a new quote.

Key Features

  • Hundreds of quotes that have been tested in real-world meetings,
  • The ability to share your favorites with others on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn,
  • Easy to use, just open the app and start looking smarter to your boss and coworkers immediately,
  • Submit your own quotes to be included in future versions of the app.

This is the one productivity app that can actually:

  • Help your company be more effective and efficient by keeping meetings on track,
  • Increase your perceived value to the company by driving disruptive thought,
  • Focus your team’s attention on the important ideas involved in your project,
  • Help to improve the chances of success for your project through effective examination,
  • Make your meetings more fun and rewarding.

Your career and business needs Meeting Bomb to stay ahead of the competition.